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  • Carolyn Moore

New Year, New Journey: Serving with Caritas of Austin

I am excited to announce I have been elected to join the Board of Directors of Caritas of Austin, an organization that prevents and ends homelessness in our great, and growing city.

I am honored to serve an organization whose endgame is to elevate the people of Austin—to provide stable homes, healthy meals, supportive services, education, and employment opportunities for our city’s homeless residents. I am humbled by the invitation to work beside and learn from those who have dedicated their careers to this effort. I am thrilled to activate a part of me that, for years, has wanted to fight this crisis wholeheartedly and on the frontlines.


2024 will be a big year—Caritas of Austin will celebrate its 60th anniversary! In operation since 1964, it may be one of the longest-standing non-profits working to keep its most vulnerable residents housed, Keeping Austin Weird.


This year Caritas will also reach a significant milestone in its expanded approach to service as a developer. Very soon, we will be celebrating the grand opening of Espero at Rutland a 171-unit community providing safe homes and on-site supportive services for residents transitioning out of homelessness.


Beyond that, in 2025 Caritas will also be the lead service provider for two additional affordable communities. The Libertad development will support 198 families, and Cairn Point will provide seniors with 150 safe and affordable housing units.


Partnering with like-minded civic and private organizations to develop these three communities, Caritas of Austin will provide 500 homes to individuals and families over the next two years. And, to ensure transitions out of homelessness are successful, Caritas will also administer its highly effective on-site support services within these communities. Last year 98% of individuals who participated in Caritas of Austin’s Permanent Supportive Housing Program remained stable in housing and did not return to the streets.


I am so happy to join all of this!


Thank you, Caritas of Austin, for inviting me in!

Friends, please consider donating or volunteering in 2024!


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