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  • Carolyn Moore

'How I Make' featuring the Talavera Lofts Identity

During the pandemic I was a Brand Experience Lead at PDR. Just like many people at that time, our team was struggling to make sense of our new reality. Looking inward at our own creative processes and telling those stories helped us feel better.

We decided to make short videos in our spare time where we each told the story of how we make. I was happy to be the guinea pig, and my video, below, was the first to launch.

Many thanks to Chris Ardoin, Diana Galvan and Marcia Hoang for being a sounding board for my story. Marcia Hoang also beautifully edited the raw footage I shot while in quarantine. The end product felt like a gift.

Interested in seeing more of the Talavera Lofts identity? Click Here.

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