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This visual identity for Houston's best pizza joint establishes an instant classic.

Vinny's is one of Agricole Hospitality's concepts in Houston's East Downtown neighborhood. Since opening in 2018, it has quickly become a favorite stop for EADO locals and late night revelers alike, attracting a cross section of people you might find at a good urban diner.

Like their other restaurant concepts, Vinny's offers the hightest quality ingredients in an easygoing, "come-as-you-are" environment. Its visual identity channels an almost garish counter service vibe. Vibrant primary colors and a combination of chunky and light weight typefaces bring neon signage to mind. An off-center visual "slice" across the "V" of the icon pairs playfully with the tagline, "a slice is nice."

Evan Boyle (@theneonjungle), legendary Austin-based neon sign maker and artist, brought the exterior sign to life. It looks amazing!


Identity Designer

Signage design intent co-created with Eric Castorena


Agricole Hospitality

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