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ExxonMobil Shanghai Lobby

Chemistry meets luxury in this technology center renovation.

In 2017 I was hired as part of a small, surgical design team to infuse brand purpose and character into a renovation and expansion project that was already underway. The incumbent architecture firm was world-class but was missing the big picture of what ExxonMobil was trying to achieve with the project.

The brand representation in the space could not just be a cut-and-paste application of the brand guideline. New design content was required that blended three main influences: the ExxonMobil enterprise (relatively unknown in the region at the time), the Shanghai Technology Center capabilities (chemicals), and the people they wanted to build new partnerships with (Chinese factory executives).

In this brand experience equation, the lobby needed to be a welcoming and impressive landing point for visitors. On one side, the reception area channels the comfort of a luxury hotel with sculptural walls, a decorative screen, and warm metallic accents. On the other side, a massive LED screen provides an immersive view of ExxonMobil's values and capabilities.

The lobby is one component of the overarching scope I contributed to. For more, read this case study I wrote about the ExxonMobil Shanghai Technology Center project, Teaching Spaces to Speak.


Lead Strategy and Design for Brand Experience


Experience Map, Design of Decorative Screens, Sculpture Design, Training


ExxonMobil Global Real Estate & Facilities on behalf of ExxonMobil Chemicals





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