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BeBop Technology

This rebrand digs its jazz roots without being too "jazzy".

BeBop Technology provides media production teams with a fast, powerful, and reliable platform for their remote and virtual workflows. BeBop is a fantastic name for both the product and the experience it provides, allowing creatives to work with each other in any combination, and to the tune of their own talents.

The logo that carried the company since 2015 had become too literal for today's competitive landscape within the remote collaboration space. Its use of a jazz trumpet player and a cloud was no longer resonating as it had when the concept of 'the cloud' was new.

The name, however, remains strong. BeBop is a subgenre of jazz that is not melodic, danceable, or mainstream. It's cool without trying. It's made by a small combo of highly skilled, often legendary musicians who improvise with each other in the moment.

The creative teams BeBop Technology serves are often made of similar combinations of subject matter experts and virtuosos in their own right, making something new together, synchronously and asynchronously. The BeBop name was rich with meaning, but the visual identity needed to ease off the literal interpretation.

The chosen concept describes what BeBop provides in visually abstract terms. The logo is constructed in the same way the core BeBop product operates. It starts with a limitless grid of dots. The dots represent the BeBop operating system—a limitless playing field.

Playful loops weave their own paths within the grid of dots, representing individual user streams and workflows. The "Dots and Loops" concept is the formal basis of BeBop's core logo and graphic style, tying the why and what of the business to the visual brand.

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